Mount Wolfe Farm Website

Mount Wolfe Farm Website Launch

We’re thrilled to announce the release of Mount Wolfe Farm’s fresh new website redesign. We absolutely love taking on website redesigns because they highlight how effective even the smallest of changes can be, particularly in delivering a unique and completely revamped experience to the end user.

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Responsive design – Ready for any screen

Cohesive design elements and a layer of polish can go a long way in transforming your digital presence. Ensuring your website not only looks good but functions correctly on every screen size is a must in modern web design, and your users will thank you for it!

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Services layout

Through unifying their colour palettes, fonts and streamlining the layouts on each page, we were able to deliver a refined version of the Mount Wolfe Farm website that didn’t stray too far from what they came to love about their old website. These changes highlighted the things they liked and shaved away or redesigned the things they didn’t like so that their website can continue to thrive for years to come.

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Website footer design

Please feel free to explore Mount Wolfe Farm’s new website and their awesome CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program by visiting

And if your website is also in need of some love, then head over to our Website Design page to learn more or reach out to take your website to the next level! 🔥

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