Delivery Titans Branding

Delivery Titans New Branding Design

We have another exciting logo/brand design reveal to share with you. This was designed for the fantastic team over at Delivery Titans Inc in preparation for their new company.

They really loved the idea of using a purple & gold palette so we landed on a rich vibrant purple that complements the shades of gold. These two shades of gold give dimension to the helmet icon creating an illusion for the top of the helmet which helps to sell the idea that it’s a 3D delivery box.

Delivery Titans Brand Reveal Post 2 Medium
Business card design

The brief for this brand was to really tie the two themes in the name together. They wanted to pull in Greek theming for the titan and something that instantly read as a delivery company. The logo icon itself is a cross between a classic titan helmet from ancient Greek history and a delivery box.

For the typography, we were heavily inspired by Greek lettering with its sharp peaks and condensed look, further calling back to that Grecian titan theme.

Delivery Titans Brand Reveal Post 5 Medium
Crew uniform mockup

We also created a stunning website for this launch that we can’t wait to share with you (post coming soon). Thank you Delivery Titans for trusting us to bring your vision to life with this exciting new endeavour!

If you have a new business idea that needs its own branding, please don’t hesitate to reach out and see if we can help those dreams become reality. Feel free to explore our Branding page to see more of our work or learn more about the process of working with Red Dragon Creative.

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